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31 January, 2014

A New Google+ Community: Asian Cosmetics & More!

Quick announcement: I've started a new Google+ community called Asian Cosmetics & More!

A screenshot of the community page

If you read my blog with any regularity, then you've probably noticed that I like to review Korean and Taiwanese cosmetics sometimes. I'm certainly not the only blogger with such interests, so I thought it would be nice to start a community for us to share our posts on those topics! Non-bloggers are welcome too if you just want to browse or have discussions.

If you're on Google+ and a fan of Asian cosmetics/makeup trends (or even just vaguely interested) then please feel free to join up! It's going to be a barrel of laughs. Or at least a barrel of affordably-priced skincare. :D


  1. Nice! I would love to join as I love Korean cosmetics so much! :)


  2. Well I'd love to have you there! Feel free to share your related blog posts as well. :)