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19 January, 2014

Review: Memebox Global Box #3 (Korean Beauty Box)

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Today I have something to share with you that I'm really excited about. I mean really, really *really* excited about. If you read my blog regularly then you probably know that I'm a big fan of both beauty boxes and Korean cosmetics. Well, what if I told you that there was a Korean beauty box that shipped overseas, and that it was an exceptionally good value to boot? Holy savings, Batman!

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox

The thing I'm talking about is Memebox, and and today I'll be reviewing their third global edition box.

Before I get into the contents, here's a little info about Memebox:

Memebox (in Korean that's 미미박스, pronounced "mi-mi-box") is a beauty box service based out of Korea. They've actually been around for a while in Korea (as an extension of the "Get It Beauty" TV show), but they just started shipping internationally in October. As of now this is not a subscription-based service: They release a new mystery box each month and you can choose whether or not you want to buy it. Memebox currently ships internationally to Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Each box costs $21 plus $6.95 international shipping to the United States. That is a bit more expensive than some of the more well-known American beauty boxes (like Birchbox for example), but the amount of stuff you get in Memebox makes it so worth it - you'll see what I mean in a minute. Every box edition is sold in limited quantities, so if you wait to buy there's no guarantee it won't sell out! The third edition is still on sale (for now), but they also just released the fourth edition a couple of days ago, so the third edition is likely to sell out soon.

In addition to the beauty box, Memebox also has an online shop for various Korean beauty products at reasonable prices, plus free shipping on orders $70+. If you're still on the fence, Memebox is offering a special discount promotion for my readers (which you'll find at the end of this post). But first, a review!

I didn't take pictures, but the outside of the box was thoroughly covered in bubble wrap to prevent damage. Here's what was inside:

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox third 3rd global edition

Well, that's product overload. Let's break it down into bite-sized chunks:

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox third 3rd global edition dr jart v7 eye serum secret key twinkle eyeliner pencil

Dr. Jart+ V7 Eye Serum (full size 15ml, value $38)
I've used many eye creams before, but never an eye serum. From what I gather this is meant to brighten up the eye area and reduce puffiness. Sounds great to me - I can't wait to see if it works.

Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner - Deep Black (full size 1.2g, value $8)
A nicely-pigmented black eyeliner pencil with a little bit of silver sparkle. I swatched a little on my wrist and rubbed at it to see how well it stayed put - there was some very minor smudging, but for the most part it remained intact. Thumbs up. I will have to test it further to comment on its longevity.

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox third 3rd global edition enprani cheese cream dreams come true nuganic customize sunblock

Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream (sample size 30ml, value $11.60)
This is probably the weirdest thing in the box, but somehow not so surprising because Skin & Tonics reviewed another cheese cream recently. Apparently cheese in skincare is a "thing" now. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to have my boyfriend test this so I can do a more in-depth post about it later - let the hilarity ensue.

Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh SPF 50 PA+++ (full size 40ml, value $45)
A high-SPF sunblock is always a good thing for pale people like myself. This also supposedly has anti-wrinkle capabilities. As long as it protects my skin I'm happy!

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox third 3rd global edition tonymoly delight tony tint red papa recipe princess lip gel patch

TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint Red (sample size 1.5ml, value $0.50)
I have another TonyMoly lip tint that I got a year or so ago, but this one is different. First of all, it smells AMAZING, like ripe berries or something. This must be from a different product line, but in any case it smells nice and is quite pigmented.

Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch (full size, value $3)
I've wanted to try one of these lip patches just for novelty's sake, but I could never justify the expense, so I'm glad one of them appeared in my Memebox! Just FYI for the uninitiated, these lip patches are basically like masks you wear over your lips. They hydrate and make you look silly at the same time. :P

Memebox Korean Beauty Box Birchbox third 3rd global edition aritaum professional eyelashes banila co radiant brightening cream cc cream melting pact

Aritaum The Professional Eyelash (full size, $3)
A very natural-looking pair of false lashes by Aritaum. I'm not a big false lash-wearer, but if you are these would be suitable for everyday use. As for me, I'll save them for a rainy day when I feel like playing dress-up.

Banila Co. It Radiant Sample Kit (sample value: not sure, maybe $5?)
This little kit contains sample sizes of the It Radiant Brightening Cream, CC Cream & Melting Pact. I've sort of wanted to try the melting pact, but was a bit nervous to buy a full sized one and have it not match my skin tone, so I'm really happy to see samples of it in my Memebox!

Total value: Approximately $114.10

Overall impressions:

Well, for starters, this is the highest-value beauty box I've ever received, and it's not even the most expensive one I've tried. So that's something worth noting. Not everything was full-sized, but most of the sample sizes were quite large. Monetary value is sort of meaningless though if you don't like the contents, but I was thrilled with nearly everything in the box. I'm not so into the cheese cream, but my boyfriend is interested in trying it so it'll get some use after all.

This box seemed largely skincare oriented, which is unsurprising given the emphasis that Korean brands seem to put on skincare. But it was nice to see some makeup in there too - variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. This box was also interesting for me because it was a mixture of familiar and new brands - I had never tried anything by Enprani, Nuganic or Papa Recipe prior to receiving it.

As someone who likes to try random Korean skincare stuff anyway just for the hell of it, Memebox is absolutely 100% my dream beauty box. But I could see it being a fun treat even if you're not experienced with Korean brands - you're not bound to a subscription, and there's a a nice mixture of familiar products and unusual new things to try. In any case, the ample number of large samples you receive certainly makes it worth the price tag.

Special promotion for Hello Pretty Bird! readers:

Memebox is currently offering an extra $5 in points for my readers (points can be used just like cash at the Memebox website). Here's what you need to do to take advantage of the offer: Create an account, then shoot an e-mail over to or leave a message at 1:1 inquiry letting them know that you were referred by Points will be credited within 24 hours and only one referral allowed per person/account. Happy shopping! Edited to add: The referral points bonus was discontinued on July 1st, 2014. Sorry folks!

What do you think of this box? Have you purchased a Memebox for yourself before?

PS For more fun subscription box reviews, check out the first-ever "Share Your Subscription" link party hosted by Unpack The Box and Mommy Splurge!

Disclosure: The Memebox featured in this post was provided to me for review. I did not receive any cash compensation for this post and the opinions expressed above are 100% honest. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. I can't believe how much stuff you got in that box! I like that it is not a subscription service, there's more chance of me ordering one for a little treat at some point! X

  2. I'm not super into skincare, but the box seems really good value. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. I like that you don't have to get a subscription, too. x3 Good stuff!

  3. the lip gel patch is my favorite haha. ive neverheard of this before! but i want to do a funny photoshoot with it ^^

  4. I know, it really is a great value. It's worth a try, just for novelty's sake!

  5. I think it would be cool if they did a makeup box and a skincare box and a box with both, but that's wishful thinking. If you know someone who would want to split it it might be cool though... do you think your sister needs some cheese cream? Haha.

  6. I've seen a couple different brands of them... you should totally track one down and have a nice photo session with it on, haha!

  7. It is great that there is finally a worthy box with korean make up in it. For me, it is a bit expensive. But who knows, perhaps I'll be getting one of those boxes sometime...:D

  8. I don't think it's expensive compared to other beauty boxes... for example, the American version of Glossybox costs $21 per month and they don't send as much stuff. But if it doesn't fit into your budget then obviously that doesn't matter. I'm glad you can buy the Memeboxes individually, because it seems like a nice thing to get occasionally as a treat. :)

  9. That's true. I think if you do not want to buy it every time they have a new edition you can just select one and make yourself-or somebody else a surprise. Germany's Glossybox costs 15 € and I think that's already expensive. But I agree absolutely about the worth of this box, which is great-plus, it's korean makeup you don't get to easily to try.

  10. Wooo sounds awesome, this is a great beauty box idea!

  11. This is SO right up your alley! I am happy they made a box that is like, practically for you lol!

  12. Haha I know! Now if only there was a box that combined random Korean skincare with indie perfume, I'd be all set...

  13. I know! I'm surprised there aren't more international boxes for Korean cosmetics, considering how popular they're getting.

  14. I know! I was really excited when I first discovered them. If they ship to your country, I say go for it!

  15. I'll definitely take a look later =3
    Thanks for the review & information. ^^

  16. Omg I sort of (okay I do) regret not getting this one. It's still available but beauty boxes are all about the element of surprise, so I'm going to get the 4th one instead. Hopefully it's just as good or even better! Although I just might give in and pick up the 3rd edition as well...

  17. I know what you mean... I accidentally saw an unboxing of this like a day before I got mine, which killed the surprise a bit, but you know what? I still wasn't disappointed. I looked up the previous two boxes on other blogs/YouTube channels and they also looked good, so I will be very surprised if #4 isn't!

  18. Yay! I hope the 4th is just as awesome. I looked up the previous two Memeboxes on their website and it looks like they were also high-value, so I'm optimistic. And that's very true, there are so many good Korean products for cheap, even with the international shipping and markup.

  19. Shalunya TheChronicBeautyJanuary 20, 2014 at 10:33 PM

    Please tell us how you like the lip mask. So interesting. This seems like a great box! Lots of nice goodies. I really enjoyed peeking inside your box. Thanks for sharing!

  20. wow! what a fun box♥ I think it's worth buying.

  21. I just ordered the 4th one because the 3rd one looked so good! I hope the 4th one is as good, I just wanted to be surprised since I already know what's in the third one lol. =) I think these are some of the highest quality boxes I've seen for so cheap so far! Definitely more things in it I would use or at least try. I love that about Korean products--better quality for cheaper usually.

  22. Omg, this box looks awesome! I read about a korean box before, but they don't ship internationally =/ But this one does and it's not that expensive either... maybe I should give it a try.

  23. They actually just expanded their shipping area, or at least that's what they told me when I emailed them before making this post. They told me they ship to Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore,
    Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA. You're in Australia, right? Go get it then! :)

  24. I just tried the lip mask today and it was an amusing experience. It was somewhat hydrating and very cooling, with a consistency sort of like "Jell-O jigglers" if you know what I mean. Not sure it's good enough to merit regular purchasing but it was fun! Here's a weird photo of it:

  25. Interesting box! I'd love to see your reviews on the other products before making my decision. It is a good bit of stuff :)

  26. Is it wrong that I want all of this? Like even the skin cheese (can't believe I said that). Those lip gels are outrageous. I'm in total lurve. Gimme, gimme, gimme. This box is so awesome.

  27. Not outrageous at all, this is an amazing box! I gave my boyfriend the face cheese (lol) and he said it's actually a really good moisturizer. I'm really loving the eye serum as well. Those two items alone are worth more than the cost of the box, so the rest is gravy as they say!

  28. I meant outrageous in a positive way. I would love to try that on my dry winter lips! So the face cheese works... huh. Does it smell?

  29. It doesn't smell like cheese... I was oddly disappointed about that, hah. It has sort of a vague floral/fresh smell. One could even call it pleasant. :)

  30. Обзор Memebox Colorful Edition with Pony's Beauty Diary (Лимитированная ноябрьская коробочка)

  31. I so want one of these subscription boxes! Maybe MemeBox is the way to go.

    A Princess's Guide to Life, Love, & Looks

  32. What a strange name, lol... Hahaha!

  33. Beauty boxes are pretty hard to resist! Memebox offers a particularly interesting selection, though bear in mind that the shipping can be slow if you don't order with EMS (which they no longer offer as a free bonus, unfortunately). Great as a surprise, less great for instant gratification. :P