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10 January, 2014

3 Things That Don't Suck: Bird Is The Word

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This may or may not surprise you, but I'm fascinated by birds. Always have been. When I was a kid I was seriously obsessed with learning about the kiwi bird - this was of course before everybody and their grandma had access to the internet, so I drove my local librarian nuts with obscure interlibrary loan requests.

As an adult living in the 21st century I can easily google things like "cute penguins" or "cassowary kick" to get my fix. And so can you (if you want to). But rather than bore you with links to YouTube videos about the peculiar pūkeko, I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite bird-themed items that I happen to have around the house.

TEAMCREAM moisturizer tin Ume Ni Uguisu design owl necklace chicken earrings

1. STEAMCREAM moisturizer tin in the "Ume Ni Uguisu" design

I did a full-on review of STEAMCREAM moisturizer about a month or so ago - you can read that here. But the short version is that it's a lovely multi-purpose moisturizer with a pleasant lavender scent. Anyway, I really love the design on the tin, and on top of that I also really like the theme. As it was explained to me, the Japanese idiom "Ume Ni Uguisu" means "a great match" - the appearance of ume (Japanese plums) and bush warblers (uguisu) are typically signs of the beginning of spring, so they symbolize new beginnings.

owl necklace chicken earrings

2. Chicken earrings (from Etsy)

My boyfriend got me these a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day. I know he got them from Etsy, but I'm not sure which seller - a search for "chicken earrings" yields all sorts of amusing results though. These are obviously quite silly, but frankly I'm a bit silly so of course I loved them (and the bird obsession didn't hurt either). Funny little chickens, plus sentimental value? What more can I say!

3. Pink owl necklace from Forever 21

And now for a gift I bought myself. This exact necklace isn't on the Forever 21 website anymore, but they have no shortage of other owl-themed items. Owl jewelry and accessories are everywhere these days, so I'm not sure what about this particular one grabbed me - I guess just because it's so round and cute. But now I find myself wishing that someone made a cute cassowary necklace too. (How many more times do you think I can say the word "cassowary" before this post is over? CASSOWARY!)

Do you have any bird-themed cosmetics or accessories? Also, when's the last time you used interlibrary loan? Have a good think on that one.

Disclosure: The STEAMCREAM tin featured above was provided for review. I did not receive any other form of compensation for this post and the opinions expressed above are 100% honest. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy. Also, cassowary.


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  2. Love that tin. ;3 It's gorgeous. The symbolism is nice too.

    Despite my mother being the head of a medical and university library, the only things I borrow are like textbooks. Or is interlibrary like from one library to another? In that case, like never.

  3. I'm apologizing ahead because this is going to be a long comment haha...
    I'm an owl FANATIC. It was my college's mascot, so I guess it stemmed from there and just blossomed outwards. Everyone buys me something owl related for any holiday, and I have at least eight pieces of jewelry that I can think of off the top of my head. My room is really where the magic happens...I should definitely do a post of that sometime.

    I'm also an avid birdwatcher, although we don't normally seem to get anything too crazy where I live in North Carolina--although the occasional Baltimore Oriole or of course, the migratory hummingbird will come across our yard. We seem to collect mass amounts of mockingbirds (which usually is just annoying shrills, but every now and then, unique sounds), various little finches and wrens, etc. But we also get a lot of chickenhawks (mainly red tailed hawks) because we live in-between two farms, and every now and then, my favorite, the screech owl :)

  4. Yeah, interlibrary loan is when you request something from a different library system. Nowadays you can probably fill out a form online or something, but back in the day you had to fill out a paper form and hand it to the librarian... before they had computer terminals everywhere you also had to get the librarian's help to search the computer database. "HI MS. LIBRARIAN, ANY NEW BOOKS ABOUT KIWI BIRDS?!" I'm sure they loved me.

    A lot of libraries do ebooks now, so I try to check those out when possible. Traditional books are nice but I'm not the best at returning things on time. :P

  5. I just got a bird tin mug in the mail in my Fair Treasure box and was thinking that I do own quite a few bird items...hair clips from Etsy, a couple of shirts, an owl mug, and some cute silver bird earrings! I'm with ya on the bird stuff!!

    Also, in 6th grade we were given random topics that we had to do speeches about and I got assigned the kiwi. They are interesting!

  6. Haha I love long comments! You should totally do an owl-themed room post.

    I grew up in a not-too-urban area so we would get some interesting birds around our house when I was a kid... I live in a pretty densely populated part of Brooklyn now though, so all I really see is pigeons. Fat ones too, because my neighbor throws bread to them and they keep coming back. When Hurricane Sandy happened a small, white pigeon landed in our "yard" (not really a yard because it was a concrete area with a shed but you know what I mean) and stayed there for the entire storm for shelter. It was sort of interesting to watch, because it found an area that was shielded from the wind and held on tight for the duration of the storm. When it was over it pecked around for food a little bit, then flew away. Not sure if that's an interesting story, but that's what my New York birdwatching stories are like, haha!

  7. I used to have a mug with an owl on it too but I'm not sure what happened to it. Interesting that you were assigned the kiwi bird as a speech topic... I probably would have died of joy overload right then and there, haha.

  8. Another person obsessed with owls, what a cliche! But I am! And that Steamcream container is to die for!!

    Shani x

  9. This post was great, I love your cute bird themed items. I'm pretty obsessed with butterflies. I used to spend hours reading about them and looking at pictures.


  10. Well, there's a reason they're so popular - because they're awesome! And I'm really impressed with the design on this tin. It's even nicer than the other one I have.

  11. Butterflies are also worthy of obsession! I don't know as much about them, but I can imagine staring at pictures for hours because their wings are so colorful and beautiful. :)

  12. These are absolutely adorable! I love owl - theme ^^