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23 June, 2014

drww. Power Lift Collection: Overview & Swatches

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Today I'm pleased to introduce you to a few products from drww (pronounced "drew"), a Korean beauty line designed by beauty guru Yu-Jin. My first experience with this brand was via the ActiGen Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel in Memebox Global #10, so it should come as no surprise that Memebox will be adding more drww products to their store in the near future! For now they've sent me samples from this line to give you a little sneak-peek. :)

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox

I've had these for a few weeks now and have had a chance to test them out a bit, so I'll be sharing my impressions as well. But given how much stuff there is I won't go too in-depth for each item, so if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Warning: This post is very pic-heavy after the jump. But in the best of ways.

drww. Power Lift Celeb-Medalist

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Celeb-Medalist Finger Melting Method

Product description: Now all you need is this DRWW Medalist! It contains all the makeup products a girl needs! The DRWW Medalist contains 5 all-time celeb makeup artist favorites in a handy 5 piece set, which includes a primer, Burgundy lip tint, Coral Pink lip & eye & cheek tint, lip balm and concealer. Get that instant healthy glow with this handy set!

Basically, this is a set of five multi-purpose makeup products in little pots with cute designs on the lids.

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Celeb-Medalist Finger Melting Method

These are supposed to be used with the "Finger Melting Method", aka sticking your fingers in to apply the product. But if you want to use a brush I won't tell. :P

A look inside the pots:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Celeb-Medalist Finger Melting Method

1. Love Poten Lip Balm: Apply throughout the day and before bedtime. Can be worn alone or as an age-delay base.

2. The End Lip Burgundy: Burgundy Lip Tint. Apply lip tint on moisturized lips finger for a subtle rosy color.

3. Celebrity C.E.L. Coral Pink:
Coral lip and cheek tint. Apply on lips and on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertips. Repeat the application at any time of the day for moisturized, luminous, and glowing lips and cheeks.

4. Go Bang Primer Peach-Peach: Apply primer on cheeks, forehead, chin and other oil prone areas for a smooth and velvety skin surface before makeup application.

5. Hidden Card Concealer:
Always apply after foundation. Apply to areas that need extra coverage after applying foundation. Set with powder.


drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Celeb-Medalist Finger Melting Method swatches
Left: Concealer - Center: Coral tint - Right: Burgundy tint

Overall impressions: This is such a fun, cute collection. I was especially impressed with the concealer, as it's quite creamy and has decent coverage. I've only used it to cover blemishes/red marks though, so I'm not sure how it would perform as an undereye concealer. I also like the tints a lot, though they're definitely more on the subtle side. The only thing that I'm on the fence about is the primer, but I think it might be better suited to a different skin type than mine (oily).

drww. Power Lift Found Pact

Product description: Flaunt a flawless, luminous complexion with this revolutionary compact that provides light to medium coverage, superior antioxidant delivery, sun protection, and instant hydration for that au natural barely there Korean makeup look. Infused with real royal jelly honey, this formula fills in micro lines and ensures a smooth and lifted skin surface, and brightens skin for a healthy glow. You can have that instant barely there natural Korean makeup compact. Each product comes with one refill insert of the same color and a sponge. Choose from shade 21 or shade 23.

Ingredients and whatnot:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Found Pact ingredients

Here's what the case looks like:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Found Pact

It's made of lightweight black plastic and features the same type of geometric designs that are on the outer boxes. Fun!

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Found Pact

Looks like a normal BB cushion, right? Well, the product dispensal method is a bit different:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Found Pact #21

This is what's underneath the applicator puff. Press down and more product oozes out of the little holes. Pretty simple, right? Here's an unblended swatch of shade #21:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Found Pact #21 swatches

This product does seem to have a bit of a yellow undertone to it, however it's not AS dark or yellow as some others I've tried once blended out, so I actually found it sort of wearable even though I'm pretty pale and cool-toned. I would describe this one as having moderate coverage. It has a fresh, pleasant scent.

drww. Power Lift Strong cream with OMEGA 369

Product description: This cream is enriched with omega 3 and hyaluronic acid for long lasting hydration and elasticity for your skin. When used before makeup, it conditions the skin for flawless makeup application and long lasting staying power. With gradual use, you will notice firmer, brighter, more supple and radiant skin and also notice anti-wrinkling effects.

Ingredients and such:

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Strong Cream with Omega 369 ingredients

The jar lid on this cream is also stamped with the signature drww geometric design. Not that it's the most important thing ever, but I like the design consistency across this brand.

drww. Power Lift Collection memebox Power Lift Strong Cream with Omega 369

This cream is lightweight in texture but actually fairly rich. The thing that stands out the most to me about it is that it has a bit of shimmer added to it—for that reason I probably wouldn't use it as my night cream, but it's actually FABULOUS for using under foundation if you want to achieve a dewy look. People with oily skin who don't want to look even shinier, take note. Much like the foundation pact, this cream has a light/fresh scent.

Overall impressions of drww Power Lift: I think this is a really fun collection. The "Finger Melting Method" thing seems a little funny to me, but the awesome presentation of the products would make that set ideal for gifting (either to a friend or to yourself), so I can't hold it against them. If I had to choose one favorite item from the collection it would be the foundation pact—it lasts pretty well on me and has decent coverage. Good stuff all around.

Where to buy:
The drww Power Lift collection is now available in the Memebox Global shop! You can purchase the products individually (links above) or as a bundle (with pact shade 21 or shade 23). Also, check out my Memebox Deals & Coupons page for all the latest sales and discount offers!

What do you think of the drww Power Lift Collection? Have you heard of this brand before?

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided to me by Memebox for review purposes, however any opinions expressed above are honest and my own. I did not receive any other form of compensation. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out my full disclosure policy.


  1. I really like this concept! During the summer, I really enjoy makeup that you can just slap on and isn't fussy. This looks exactly like that kind of makeup.

  2. I think you're right and that's an excellent way to think about it! I don't feel like I had to do anything terribly fussy to apply these, especially considering that the foundation pact comes with one of those magic BB cushion-type sponges that blends very nicely.

  3. I'm not a fan of the "finger melting" method, but that Medalist set looks great! I love the packaging on all of the items.

  4. Haha me neither. The concealer in particular is really creamy, so I think it could be picked up with a brush no problem. The others are a bit harder but if you hold the little pots in your hand for a moment it softens them up a bit.

  5. So that one time (yesterday) when you posted the $10 code for this that one site (Memebox).....................................aahh. There may be 3 boxes headed to my front door in the near future. I am a weak, weak person. Also, that BB cushion! I want!

  6. When I saw the name "Power Lift" I immediately pictured Olympic power lifters. The geometric designs on the packaging is very cool.

  7. Haha, it happens to the best of us. Which ones did you get?

  8. I think that's sort of kind of what they were going for? The little tins remind me of medals. Sort of.

  9. Ohh I see that now. The word "medalist" is even on the box of tins.

  10. The packaging is so cute for this line! I like multipurpose kit and I want to try a bb cream cushion type product.

  11. I think the BB cushion trend will eventually become a "thing" in the USA. Maybe not as big as it is in Korea, but at least for some foundation products. Right now you can buy the Laneige cushions at Target, at least. I'd love to see a few cheaper options in drugstores too though.

  12. The products look interesting, but I'm not gonna lie, that's one of the worst brand/company names I have ever seen. I hope it's gone 'round the bend and is so bad it's good?

  13. The BB cream sounds very interesting!

  14. Basically. No vowels + no capitalization = terrible idea. But maybe the difficulty of it will make it memorable?

  15. Such a nice set for gifting somebody. They do look really beautiful all together :)

  16. Yeah, definitely! Especially the set in the box. I think Memebox started selling them as a bundle with that sort of idea in mind. ;)