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07 August, 2014

Review: Hey! Pinkgo Girl Sheet Masks

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Calling all sheet mask fans! This post is for you. I don't review sheet masks as often as I used to because honestly a lot of them are very similar, but the ones I'm writing about today are actually pretty unique. Hooray!

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Sheet Masks on Amazon

The mask brand du jour is Hey! Pinkgo Girl, which launched in Taiwan last year. They make eight different types of masks, and four of them are available through an official distributor on Amazon in the USA. With Prime shipping, no less. I like things that are easy to purchase in my home country. Anyway, I'll be reviewing the four Amazon-able mask varieties today. I've also seen this brand name translated as "Apple Girl", just FYI.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask ($13.50 for 10 masks)

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask

Product description: Hey! Pinkgo Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid and seaweed extracted trehalose to help skin retain hydration, creating a protective veil to prevent loss of moisture. Accompanied by collagen that plumps skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pore size, also restores skin's elasticity and firmness. This mask leaves skin with moisture, smoothness and natural glow all day long.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Triple HA Seaweed Collagen Moisturizing Mask instructions ingredients

This is a fairly typical hydrating mask in most ways, except the mask fiber is EXCEPTIONALLY thin. Possibly the thinnest I've ever used. Personally I love sheet masks that are on the thin side because I find that they (a) conform to my face more easily and (b) they allow the serum to absorb more readily. Speaking of which, these are positively dripping with serum. The only downside is that you have to be a bit careful when unfolding them if you have long fingernails, but I haven't ripped a massive hole in one yet so I don't think it's a big problem.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Marine Hydration Mask ($13.50 for 10 masks)

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Marine Hydration Mask

Product description: Hey! Pinkgo Girl Marine Hydration Mask drenches the skin with nutrients, minerals and microelements from deep ocean water. It replenishes dehydrated skin while preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing skin with intense hydration, comfort and vitality. Chamomilla recutita flower extract assists to reinforce skin barrier and calm redness in skin, making skin look softer, smoother, firmer and more radiant.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Marine Hydration Mask instruction ingredients

Another hyper-thin hydrating mask. I honestly didn't notice a huge difference between this and the moisturizing mask in the blue packet, but both of them had a nice skin-plumping effect without leaving my face feeling overly sticky.

Now things are about to get interesting ....

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Mask ($12.99 for 5 masks):

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Mask

Product Description: Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Mask contains essence extracted from multiple plants to continuously replenish and nourish skin. Aloe Vera leaf and Pelargonium Graveolens extract are excellent cleaning and astringent agent to repair damaged skin, reduce pore size and promote skin elasticity, while retaining hydration. Naturally derived Arbutin provides a skin whitening effect by inhibiting melanin production activity, brighten the dull skin to make it look healthy, smooth and luminous.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Mask instructions ingredients

I found this mask to be extremely refreshing without being drying. What's interesting though is that it's made of lace. Yes, lace. Look:

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Herbal Essence Astringent Mask White Tea Vitamin C Lace Sheet Mask

Whoa. Personally I've never used a mask of this type before, so I was very intrigued. Someone asked on Instagram if these dried out quickly, and surprisingly the answer is no: They stay wet for about as long as other sheet mask brands from Taiwan seem to (think My Beauty Diary etc.) It should also be noted that this is a "double-lifting" type mask with a section that goes under the chin and loops over the ear. I really like this type of mask because my chin and neck needs some plumping too, man. The lace fiber is much stretchier than other masks of this type I've tried, so I suppose that makes them superior.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl White Tea & Vitamin C Mask ($12.99 for 5 masks)

Hey! Pinkgo Girl White Tea & Vitamin C Mask

Product Description: Hey! Pinkgo Girl White Tea & Vitamin C Mask deeply repairs aging and dull skins through its superior antioxidant white tea extract. Vitamin C lightens dark spots, brighten the dull completion and enhance skin firmness. This mask immerse skin with rich nutrients for a healthy, radiant and energized look.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl White Tea & Vitamin C Mask instructions ingredients

This is another lace with ear loops mask. I found this one to be slightly more hydrating that the one in the yellow packet, but both are moisturizing enough for me to want to use them again.

Overall impressions:
I really like the Hey! Pinkgo Girl masks I tried. While I wouldn't say that any one of them stands out more than others, they all were extremely hydrating and refreshing while giving a temporary brightening effect. I also like the novelty of the lace masks, because (a) the stretchiness makes them very comfortable to wear and (b) they look weird. I like things that look weird. Have I mentioned yet that the illustrations on the packages are very funny? Not a necessary part of my skincare routine, but cute.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Sheet Masks

I have a few of the other Hey! Pinkgo Girl masks in my stash, but I think I'll hold off on reviewing them until they become more readily available in the US. In the meantime, you can purchase all four of the varieties I wrote about above on Amazon.

What do you think of Hey! Pinkgo Girl masks? Have you ever seen a lace sheet mask before?

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  1. Ohhh I must find out whether I can get my hands on these somewhere else, otherwise I'll have to ask my in laws for a favour lol!

  2. I'm actually not sure where to get them outside of Asia and the US! I looked on ebay and (usually good places to find Taiwanese skincare brands) and didn't find them there.

  3. I'm definitely going to have to try these! Super cute and different!

  4. I had a look as well and couldn't find it either :( I would love to try the lace mask! I guess I will have to ask for the favour lol

  5. I hope you like them! I've used a lot of masks and I've never tried anything quite like the lace ones. :)

  6. Now those are some fancy sheet masks!

  7. Haha yes, the lace *is* pretty elegant!

  8. I have never seen a lace sheet mask, but now I want to try one! These sound great, and they're so cute.

  9. Agreed! Plus they look even weirder than normal sheet masks when you have them on, haha. :)

  10. I think I've seen a similar lace sheet mask before, but I just don't remember where. They definitely look a bit weird, but also fancy at the same time! I hope these become more readily available soon.

  11. It seems possible that they exist elsewhere, but who knows. I've also seen this brand name translated as "Apple Girl". Anyway, they're cool! I think they plan on bringing some of the other varieties to Amazon too, which is pretty awesome.

  12. Whoa! The lace is really neat! I am definitely going to pick some of these up. The brand name translates to "Apple Muscle Girl," which is ... interesting. Pinkgo is I guess their weird way of transliterating apple (normally transliterated as 'ping guo' in pinyin).

  13. Never seen a lace sheet mask before but it looks really beautifull (although wearing sheet masks in generell looks rather scary XD). The packaging design looks also very funny. Love to try these :)

  14. Haha yes, sheet masks never make a person look *less* scary, do they?

  15. I've never used a sheet mask before, but I keep meaning to. Note to self! The lace pattern is really pretty. :)

  16. the lace mask is super cool. I've never seen anything like that before.

  17. They're very soothing so I'd recommend trying some! :)

  18. I've used tons of sheet masks and I can't say I've seen anything like it before either!

  19. The "playing doctor" was my fave packaging from when you first posted them on IG. And it's the lace one!! I may have to get myself a pack of those. The illustrations on the package is too damn funny. What's up with that? Giant straws??? Love wacky things like that!

  20. I want to try this purely for the Rococo feel of putting lace on my face lol. Also the packages are cute and look silly (: it took me so long to figure out why there were loops on the masks lol but now I get it--the V-line obsession. My piercings don't agree with this though :S

  21. Ooh, I can imagine piercings + lace mask is not a good combo. I do love the loops though! I don't know how much "lifting" they really do but they help keep the mask more secure on your face. In case you want to do some jumping jacks whilst moisturizing or something. :P

  22. I've never tried any masks like these before, but I really would love to! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  23. Sheet masks are always so fun to mess around with. I feel like I'm Leatherface and should be swinging a chainsaw around (okay that is a little gruesome)

  24. Haha yes, I feel the same way. Who needs hockey masks when you have sheet masks? :P

  25. I just received an 8 pack of these that was available on Amazon with Prime. Yay!! They're all different and four are the lace variety and four normal material. They're are also completely adorable, have one on now. The lace does stretch nicely and it fits my face well.

  26. Awesome, so glad they worked for you! The company told me they would be adding the variety pack to Amazon soon but I didn't realize it had gone up already. Yay!