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13 May, 2015

R. | One (body) lotion or lots of potions?

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Hope life is treating you well. I'm eating Skittles right now. Mmm, Skittles. Aren't I exciting?

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This week's question was inspired by cleaning, strangely enough. I spend a little time this past weekend cleaning up my mess of a bedside table, and weeded out all the skincare products I don't really use... but of course there were still a million left. What can I say, I'm a multi-stepper. But that got me thinking:

A lot of folks have a multi-step skincare routine for their face (e.g. cleanse/tone/serum/cream), but do you have one for your body? Or do you just slap lotion on and call it a day?

I never really thought about writing a post dedicated to my body routine, but when I think about it, I do actually use a bunch of different stuff. For example:
  • Cleanse with body wash (or sometimes even just my face wash)
  • Sometimes exfoliate in-shower with a rough cloth or sugar scrub
  • If I'm not exfoliating in-shower, use Paula's Choice RESIST AHA body lotion
  • Lately I've also been alternating the AHA lotion with Paula's Choice 2% BHA body treatment, in the hopes of killing the scant amount of acne and KP that remains on my body
  • Sometimes follow up with another, more occlusive moisturizer (like body butter)

 Geez, that's actually kind of a lot of steps. Or is it? I don't know, maybe some of you do more. Let me know in the comments!


  1. I am not really able to exert a lot of energy on a routine. If I'm having a good day, I can use a couple different products on my skin throughout the day. But usually, it's just lotion. Ah, the life of a sick person.

    Also, every time I eat Skittles, I think of this:

  2. I can't imagine body lotion being of the utmost importance while you're feeling like crap. Not the same at all, but if I'm really tired I won't put anything on my body, so I sort of understand. Anyway... I think all of Scrubs is on Netflix now. Maybe I should watch it while I'm eating lunch AKA avoiding doing work. (Yes, I ate the Skittles before lunch!)

  3. I think I do pretty much the same as you, use a body wash and exfoliate some days then follow up with lotion.

  4. I slap on lotion and call it a day BUT I've been trying to remember to put Pond's Clarant lotion on my chest and arms to fade away sunspots.

  5. What, no donkey milk or shark's blood baths? (Just kidding, lol)

  6. Yeah sometimes it can be a struggle to remember the special treatments! I realized after I wrote this that I also have a body retinol cream, but I forget it a lot of the time.

  7. hahah NOPE!

  8. I slap on lotion and call it a day, but I normally don't bother at all. The skin on my body is usally neglected. However, I do use sunscreen on a regular basis in the spring/summer, so I guess that counts for something!

  9. Oh, I forgot all about sunscreen! I definitely slather some on before I go outside. I'd turn red and crispy if I didn't. :P