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17 September, 2013

My Weird Wishlist: Pickle Jewelry

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Once upon a time I had this really cute necklace with a plastic pendant shaped like an apple core. Then one fateful day it accidentally got squished in a closing door and broke. Better than my fingers, I guess. Like any diligent internet shopper/lover of adorable apple-shaped things, I immediately went on eBay to see if I could find a replacement. Thankfully I was able to, but during my search I also discovered a much more "unusual" theme for foodie jewelry... pickles!

Pickle earrings sold by eBay user pickleaddicts, who sells a wide
variety of pickle-themed objects. Because apparently pickle-mania
runs rampant on eBay.

Yes, really. While there aren't as many pickle-themed accessories on eBay as there are apple-themed ones, it's enough of a "thing" that I'm able to make a wishlist post about it. Curious? Appalled? Keep reading!

Do you ever find yourself sitting around with a couple of your besties on a lazy Sunday afternoon, throwing back some jars of well-aged dill pickle brine and laughing about old times? Do you wish there was a convenient way to commemorate those special moments? Well, look no further. Who says three's a crowd?

Pickle BFF necklaces sold by eBay user jmn8966.

If you prefer a slightly more elegant way to preserve your pickle juice-chugging memories, why not consider one of these stunning stainless steel charms?

Sterling silver pickle charm sold by eBay user 925silver_charming.

In more of a retro mood? Why not get one of these vintage Heinz pins for your lapel! Personally, I'm fond of the brown one.

Vintage Heinz pickle pins sold by eBay user bltsjc69.

If you know someone whose two greatest loves are pickles and kawaii stuff, these would make an excellent gift:

Kawaii pickle earrings by Etsy seller JollyCharms.

Speaking of gifts, did you know that Christmas is only 98 days away? Better get shopping ASAP! Especially since there's only one pair of these bad boys left:

Pickle with Santa hat earrings sold by eBay user carolinfla.

Would you wear pickle-shaped jewelry? Do you have any food-themed accessories in your collection?

Please note: I don't have an affiliation with any of the eBay sellers listed above, I just found their wares to be amusing! Always read seller feedback carefully before purchasing on eBay.


  1. You are unique taste =)

    I don't think these are for me...

    1. Hah! Well I suppose I can understand why someone wouldn't want to walk around with pickles dangling from their ears...

  2. Those are so cute. Haha. :P I'm eating pickles in my Subway right now. I know the exact apple necklace you're talking about, too.

    I've always wanted to get sushi rings.

    1. Ooh sushi rings. I'm always tempted to buy those little erasers that look like sushi because they're so cute, but I almost never use pencils so that doesn't make sense. :P