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08 September, 2013

Review: Etude House "I'm Blooming" Deep Moisture Mist

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Summer is winding down, and the season for facial mists is ending... or is it? A lot of people tend to favor facial mist sprays in the summer because of their cooling properties, but personally I like to use them year-round because basically any sort of extreme hot or cold weather (or heating or AC) dries the crap out of my skin.

Today I'll be reviewing Etude House's "I'm Blooming" Deep Moisture mist. I bought a sample-size bottle of this to try from RoseRoseShop, and I like it so much that I've been bringing it with me everywhere... even on my trip to Chicago!

Etude House I'm Blooming pocket mist mini sample

In case you've never heard of Etude House before, it's a Korean brand specializing in makeup and skincare with youthful, princessy packaging. Perfect for the young and the young at heart!

In order to use mists like this, one holds the package several inches away from the face and spritzes lightly. The nozzles are usually designed to distribute the mist finely and evenly so you don't end up with big globs of moisture on one part of your face, and this spritzer was no exception.


Because I bought this in sample size I don't have a full list of ingredients, but here is a little bit of info from KoreaDepart:

: Rape flower honey water (81.9%), snow lotus extract, edelweiss extract, jasmine extract

Product Description
: Contains 81.9% of rape flower honey water instead of purified water to offer richer moisturizing feeling.
: Creates moisturizing veil on skin to protect hydration for hours.
: Flower extract from nature creates healthy skin.
: 6 in 1 item (Starter + toner + essence + booster + mist + moisture fixer)
: 7 Free (Paraben, mineral oil, talc, sulphate surfactant, benzophenone, formaldehyde)

Don't be freaked out by the term "rape flower" - I'm pretty sure that's just a bad translation for canola, aka rapeseed.

One of the reasons I love this mist is because it smells like NOTHING. I do use a lot of scented facial products, but for something that you spray right onto your face multiple times a day it can be a problem if it smells too perfumey - well, for me anyway. Certain fragrances make me sneeze. Anyway, the lack of fragrance makes it ideal for the sensitive folks out there, and great for repeated touch-ups throughout the day.

In terms of moisture, I felt like it gave me a nice refreshing burst of hydration without leaving my skin sticky or filmy-feeling. It only takes a minute or so to soak in, so you're not stuck with a heavy feeling on your skin for too long. I would say that I have combination skin (oily T-zone) and this didn't cause me to break out at all in my problem areas.

I have used this over my makeup for a "dewy" finish and it works quite nicely for that. My only advice would be to shield your eyes if you're wearing non-waterproof liner/mascara, but maybe that's common sense. :)

Bottom line: Etude House's "I'm Blooming" Deep Moisture mist is hydrating and not perfumey, making it a good choice for dry and sensitive skin. If you like your facial mists to have a strong scent look elsewhere!

Where to buy:
I got mine from RoseRoseShop. There are also a few eBay sellers offering the mini size with free shipping. If you prefer to get the full 150ml bottle, you can find it at RoseRoseShop, KoreaDepart, Amazon and numerous eBay sellers with free shipping.

What are your favorite facial mists?

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