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15 September, 2013

What I do with my reject sheet masks

Do you ever buy skincare products, use them a couple of times, then realize you totally hate them but feel bad about throwing them away?

I think that happens to most of us, because it's hard to know 100% for sure whether something will break us out, smell weird, make our skin feel oily etc. Since sheet masks are sort of hard to find locally, I'll buy a bunch off the internet at one time so I can get the most out of the shipping costs, but once in a while I run into one I totally end up hating (like the Vanedo lemon mask I wrote about here). But thankfully I've found a great use for those reject masks...

... I put them on my boyfriend, Stan! Haha. Pictured above wearing one of the aforementioned Vanedo masks. He is not as picky as I am, and his skin isn't nearly as sensitive either, plus he's grown to like sheet masks enough that he'll actually ask for them sometimes. It's sort of funny, because a couple of years ago he wouldn't even wear facial moisturizer when his skin would get flaky in the winter. I guess living with a skincare addict changes you. :P

What do you do with your reject skincare products?

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