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06 April, 2015

My Etsy Spring Wishlist + gift card GIVEAWAY!

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I like spring. The weather is nice and all the pretty flowers come into bloom... well, not quite yet around where I live, but soon enough. In meantime I've been trawling through Etsy in search of unique springy things to tide me over until everything's green again. I present to you... my Etsy Spring Wishlist for 2015!

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1. Cherry Blossom Cards - Small Blossom by LetterpressLight ($18 for 3)
Cherry blossoms are a pretty iconic spring thing, right? It's a bit too early for them to be blooming here, so in the meantime I think I'll admire these beautiful cards by LetterpressLight. Or use them to send a note to a faraway friend. Maybe they'll be blooming by the time it gets there?

2. Large Yellow Bright Pastel Hair Bow by vintANGE ($6.79)

I like wearing bows in my hair, man. The bigger the better. This pastel bow by vintANGE is simple but captures the feeling of the season nicely—bright, cheerful, giddy.

3. Large Cloth Napkins Red Turquoise Birds by ClearSkyHome ($18 for 4)
I'm not always good about changing up my home decor for the different seasons. (We may still have Christmas decorations up... shhh.) Life gets in the way of interior decorating sometimes! But cute napkins (with birds, no less) are a quick and easy way to jazz up your kitchen/dining room, and you don't even have to take down the Christmas tree to use them.

4. SPROUT Limited Edition Perfume Oil by OHWTO ($11 for 5ml)
Which scents remind you the most of spring? This limited edition fragrance oil by OHWTO has notes of wood violets, dewfruit, fresh earth, green leaves, lichen and moss, and delicate alyssum. Sounds deliciously green. I took a stroll through the park yesterday and the ground was still pretty barren and brown, so I could use a little green in my life right now.

5. Polished Stainless Steel Small Vase Earrings by Fleurings ($60)
When you think of spring, what's the first thing you think of? I bet you that flowers will be one of the first things to come to mind for most people, and these vase earrings (!!!) by Fleurings allow you to wear fresh-cut flowers like jewelry. That's one way to ensure that you're wearing unique baubles to every occasion.

6. POISON APPLE Limited Edition Matte Lip Haze by InsomniaCosmetics ($15)
Pastel pinks and cherry reds are classic lip colors for spring, but in indie-land, pretty much anything goes. There's something strangely appealing about this mint green matte lipstick by Insomnia Cosmetics... would it look good on me? I'm not sure. But it's evocative of spring nonetheless.

7. Daisy On Pastel Blue Hand Painted Discus Candle by LessCandles ($9.03)
Last but certainly not least, handmade candles are a great way to spruce up any area. But who need strong scents when all the flowers are in bloom? These amazingly beautiful hand-painted candles by Less Candles aren't scented, but they'll bring a light and cheerful vibe to any room in your home.

Now that I've shared my favorite Etsy picks for spring, what are yours? Wait... don't tell me yet. First, enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Etsy gift card to help you get your seasonal shopping started!


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Thanks for reading and good luck! :)

What do you think of my Etsy spring wishlist? Which of these items feels the most spring-like to you?

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  1. Ohhh those napkins are just so adorable! The lipstick is maybe a bit, well, nothing I'd see myself wearing, but it reminds me of one of my fav Essie polishes "Mint Candy Apple"! :-)

  2. I want that perfume oil simply because President Taft is standing next to it! Lol

  3. These ETSY Wishlist posts are fast becoming my favorites from you. Giveaway or not, I love being pointed in the right direction about new products/stores, ETSY can definately be overwhelming.

  4. The hair bow is cute and that mint lipstick is definitely...edgy lol

  5. That's so funny about your decorations, I still have random Xmas items around and quite a bit of Halloween, I figure they'll come around again so hey- it's all good. I don't have much of a Spring wishlist yet (I really want to try the perfume oil). I've been wishing for a ring (or3) from The Rogue and the Wolf, there's an adorable fox pillow from Micush and a lovely /colorful feather earring from theFOXPAW. Now I'm in the mood to shop :)

  6. Haha yes! That mint color definitely works as a nail polish. I'm still not sure if I'd wear it in lipstick form, but I really appreciate that it exists.

  7. Haha! Unfortunately, I doubt that President Taft comes with it. Maybe his endorsement is enough though.

  8. Aww thanks! And I definitely agree. Etsy has lots of treasures, but also a lot of crap if we're being honest.

  9. Haha, edgy, yes. Maybe I could get a matching mint green hair bow and wear it at the same time as the lipstick? That would be special!

  10. We never decorated for Halloween, but if we had, I'm sure there would still be Halloween stuff around too, lol. I just looked up The Rogue and the Wolf! I dig the skull jewelry. It's not exactly springy, but it's definitely cool. Looks like they are having a spring sale though?

  11. I don't know when the Spring sale ends but I hop it's long enough for my money to be freed up from PayPal - selling on ebay is great extra income but you have to wait forever for your funds to be released. I'm hoping to get a couple bronze midi rings. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  12. This is such cute stuff! I really like the hair bow. I love that bows are in right now.

  13. VASE EARRINGS?! Amazing! That lipstick is calling my name too!

  14. Oh those candle holder are so pretty . I can just sit and dream for a minute

  15. They're actually painted candles! And yes, so pretty. :)

  16. Yes! Vase earrings are amazing. I used to work at a florist years ago and we would sometimes stick the flower stems in these little plastic water tube things to preserve them, but somehow I never thought to stick one to my ear, lol.

  17. Those earrings are crazy! And awesome! :)

  18. My thoughts exactly! I never knew vase earrings were a thing I needed until now...

  19. I have issues, whenever I try to fill my facebook name in on the rafflecopter (Nicole Graham) it reverts to nicolthepickle when I click submit.

  20. Sorry Nicole! Unfortunately I can't do anything to fix Rafflecopter, but I'll make a note of that on the entries. If you enter as "nicolthepickle" it will still count. :)

  21. I did and thank you :)

  22. Very nice stuff. I love the candles.

  23. I love the napkins you picked out-so pretty!

  24. i like your list and love the hand painted candle