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28 April, 2015

Beauty Staple Spotlight: Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks

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I have another one of my favorite "invisible" beauty products (AKA stuff I use so often I forget abou it) to introduce to you today, except this week the beauty product isn't actually a beauty product—it's more of a general wellness/personal care item. But it's become engrained in my beauty routine, which I think makes it suitable for the Beauty Staple Spotlight. I present to you: Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks!

Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks lavender sage

Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks are self-heating disposable eye masks. Think hot packs like you would stick in your pockets in the winter, except super-thin and designed to be worn over your eyes. Every box I've ever purchased has been completely in Japanese, so I'll be explaining how to use them at the end of the post. But basically they're warming masks designed for relaxation, available in a variety of scents (or unscented). My favorite of the "flavors" is Lavender & Sage because I find those scents very relaxing.

If you're in the United States, pricing on these varies because they're an import item—you can generally find boxes of 10 masks for under $15 on Amazon though. iMomoko also carries them, but their prices are a bit higher. It's also worth checking on eBay—you can often find smaller lots for sale there, which is good if you're trying them for the first time. And of course if you live near an Asian grocer or beauty supply store that carries Japanese goods, you may be able to find them there.

The warming sensation of the masks is super-relaxing, which helps me fall asleep on nights when I'm really having trouble. Beauty sleep people, beauty sleep! I also feel like the warmth temporarily makes my eyes look less puffy. A quick and lovely-smelling pick-me-up when you don't want to look haggard! Anyway, they're preferable to slapping a hot washcloth on your face or something because they are exactly warm enough—not tepid but not face-burning either. Your eye area might get a little moist while you're using them, but they're not wet, if that makes sense. The only possible negative aspect I can think of is that the scent is a little bit strong, but they do have an unscented option, so that's not such a big deal.

Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks individually wrapped

If you purchase the masks in a box, there will be several individually-wrapped packets like this in it. Don't tear open the package until the moment you're ready to mask it up—they start getting warm right away!

When you remove the mask from the packet, it will look something like this:

There are two thin, tissue-y loops that are attached to each other. You'll want to detach them, but be gentle in doing so—the loops are designed to go over your ears, so if you pull too hard and stretch them out, you might have trouble keeping the mask on.

With the loops detached it looks like this:

Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks

The other side of the mask has a faint pattern printed on it.

You want to wear the mask with the plain white side facing towards your eyes, and the larger notch/slit in the middle facing down. That's where your nose goes.

Here's what it looks like on:

Sexy! Once you've successfully attached the mask to your face, kick back and relax—the warming sensation will last for about 10-15 minutes. I really like that these masks are so thin and soft and flexible, because it doesn't feel uncomfortable if you accidentally fall asleep with them on... which I may have done on occasion, shh. It's also nice that they cool down on their own because you don't have to worry about burning your face off while you sleep. Yay! Three slightly sleepy cheers for Kao MegRythym Steam Eye Masks.

Are there any relaxation products that you consider as part of your beauty routine? What are your favorite treatments for tired, puffy eyes?

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  1. Wow, these sound pretty great and now I would love to buy a bunch of those next time I order japanese products. I'm heading over directly towards the online shops :D

  2. Yes they're definitely worth trying, especially if you already have a good source for Japanese products! They're so relaxing.

  3. I just checked AdamBeauty and they are selling these for around 6.50 US$. You should check it out!

  4. I can't seem to find them - which section were they under? If it's $6.50 for 10 masks that's great! They also come in boxes of 5 though.

  5. Ahh, you're is 5 piece boxes. here is the link anyways: XD

  6. Oh these seem awesome!

    Related question, do you wear a sleeping mask generally? My sister wants a nicer one and I have no idea where to point her. I feel like AB has to have an answer.

  7. Yes I do! I'm not sure if my recommendations will be "nicer" than what she's using (if she's using one now) though. My all-time favorite is Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack (will link a review I wrote a really long time ago at the end of the post). I usually feel kind of so-so about TonyMoly skincare products, but that one gives me a magical glow that other packs do not. Strangers have complimented me on my skin the day after I used it. Very, very mystical. It's thick though, so I would recommend it mostly for normal/dry/combo-dryish skin types. And to use it sparingly. (Even I only use it once every week or two).

    Another good one is the Laneige Firming Sleeping pack. I like it better than their regular sleeping pack because I think it hydrates better. I'll probably be posting about that on my blog soon, maybe in the next week or so. Again, that one's likely best for normal to dry skin.

    If she has oily skin, Innisfree Green Tea sleeping pack might be a better choice. I tried that one myself and thought it was hydrating without being super thick or suffocating like some packs designed for drier skin.

    Review of magical TM pack:

  8. Wow I forgot I was on an AB BLOG LOLOL. Her favorite sleeping pack is Too Cool For School. I like TCFS and Laneige (water sleeping pack). Have literally never heard about the Tony Moly pack and now I need to buy it for her and me. I'm in love with Appletox cream right now and I am (for once) willing and curious to learn more about TM skincare.

    What I really meant was "do you usually use an eye mask when you sleep" (-_-)

  9. Hahaha very different question! i don't have any amazing recommendations in that department though, except maybe the Kao masks for occasional use. My current non-heated eye masks are some random one I found at Walgreens and one that's leftover from an Air New Zealand flight. Glamorous!

    Anyway, I like Appletox too. The results I get from it aren't as magical as the aforementioned Superpack, but it sure does smell delicious.

  10. Appletox is an insane glow for me. I love it. So I have crazy high hopes for the TM pack.

    lol my sister's current one is from a leftover flight overseas as well. Guess that's what everyone does!

  11. These sound really cool! If they carried these locally at ulta or something I would probably try them.

  12. I'm actually kind of surprised that something similar hasn't popped up in drugstores here. They would have to change the packaging, but "self-heating eye mask" is pretty self-explanatory and appealing, I think.

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