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04 April, 2015

What I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise - Winter/Spring 2015

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So ModCloth had another one of their Stylish Surprise sales earlier this week. And in typical Stylish Surprise style, everything sold out crazy-fast (my shoe size was gone within minutes!) Luckily, I was able to grab one article of clothing in time. Or maybe I wasn't so lucky? That's the special magic of the Stylish Surprise... you never know if it's going to be amazing or terrible. Only one way to find out: Keep reading!

Review and unboxing of the Winter/Spring ModCloth Stylish Surprise box

Not familiar with the ModCloth Stylish Surprise? ModCloth (online retailer of cute dresses and other lovely things) will clear out their stock a couple times per year (usually around the end of a season) and sell mystery accessories and garments for $5-$20 apiece, depending on the category. You pick your size, but the rest is up to them!

My last Stylish Surprise experience was not a great success. I ordered five dresses, and three of them turned out to be identical wedding gowns—ridiculous! ModCloth refunded me, thankfully. This time they raised their Stylish Surprise prices a bit ($20 for dresses, $15 for apparel) so I decided to only purchase one piece of apparel. They can't send you a bunch of duplicates if you only order one thing, right? I ordered an XL instead of a L this time because I've had some issues with ModCloth brands running small in the chest. Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering by now whether or not I got more bridal attire! Drumroll please....

Review and unboxing of the Winter/Spring ModCloth Stylish Surprise Ichi Ramblin' Glam Coat in blue
My crappy phone pic on the left, ModCloth's stock image on the right

NOPE! Definitely not a wedding garment. It's not even a little bit ridiculous, actually. Pictured above: The Ichi Ramblin' Glam Coat in blue. I must say: This is a much, much better surprise than last time. It's the sort of coat I'd totally wear in the dead of winter, and the original price was a whopping $149.99. Even the final sale price was $44.99. An excellent deal for $15 + shipping!

This coat also has a couple of cool features:

Ichi Ramblin' Glam Coat in blue hood

The hood is removable, and filled with a fuzzy lining for warmth!

Ichi Ramblin' Glam Coat in blue pocket detail

The lower pockets have faux leather accents! Cute.

I'm thrilled to have received something that is both wearable and a total bargain. Obviously it's a bit too bulky for the spring season, but it will come in handy next winter. It is a little big on me, but that's not such a bad thing for a parka... room to layer sweaters and such underneath.

All of the March/April 2015 Stylish Surprises are sold out now, but if you want to get a heads-up on the next one I recommend downloading their app and/or subscribing to their newsletter. Be forewarned that they sell out FAST once they go live—like within an hour. Or less if you wear a popular size. For reals. You can visit this page to sign up for e-mail alerts so you can get on it once the next Stylish Surprise sale rolls around (usually 3-4x per year). Not patient enough to wait for the next one? Check out ModCloth's sale section for more delightful bargains. And if you're a new customer, you can try signing up through this link to get 20% off your first purchase $50+.

What do you think of my ModCloth Stylish Surprise this time? If you purchased one yourself, how did you fare?

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  1. Omg I love that jacket! I purchased a clothing surprise this time too because the past two dress ones I got were no good (they didn't fit). I ordered an L in the clothing so I hope that it fits.

  2. Wow I've heard of ModCloth before but I didn't know about the Stylish Surprise, how exciting! I'm glad you got something you like! :)


  3. Good luck, I hope it fits! It can be tricky to guess which size to get if you don't know what kind of garment it's going to be... I think I wear a bigger size on the top than I do on the bottom usually, so I decided to err on the side of caution and get an XL this time.

  4. Me too, heh! If you want to try the Stylish Surprise next time I recommend downloading their app. I think it alerts people even before the newsletter comes out.

  5. That is a fantastic steal!

  6. Agreed! If only I could guarantee that the next one would be so good...

  7. I got a great coat too! I can't seem to find it on the website now though.

  8. Yay for nice coats! Mine didn't have the style name on it anywhere - I found it by searching something like "Ichi blue winter coat" in Google image search.

  9. Wow, that's an awesome deal! Much better than several wedding dresses.

  10. True... although there's more fabric in several wedding dresses. Useful if you're trying to erect a sail?

  11. Sign me up!!! $15 is a steal!!!!

  12. I just got my surprise and it was a lovely sweater tunic. But, I saw it on their site for $11.99 and they charged me $15..... so disappointed!!!

  13. Get their app! That's the best way to find out the next time they do a Stylish Surprise.

  14. You should e-mail their customer service to complain! They might refund you the difference.

  15. I did and an waiting for a reply. :). At the very least, I like what I got!!